Ali Hughes

Ali is the co-writer of the BBC show 'Dreaming Whilst Black', based on the multi-award winning Web Series which was ranked the #1 series in the world in 2019.

His first feature script 'Mignonette' won multiple awards internationally, and was a London Film Award finalist. 

He is currently in pre-production for his first feature film 'Numb'.

Represented by United Agents


(30 mins)

Web Series

(9 Episodes)

BBC/Big Deal Films.

A 9-part web series about the life of a young Jamaican trying to break into the UK film industry.

– Life After Life Film Festival 2019: BestWeb Series

  1. Black Web Fest: Best Web Series
  2. – NYC Web Fest: Best Actor, Outstanding Achievement in Writing

– Rio Web Fest 2018: Outstanding Achievement in Writing, Best Comedy Series

– London Short Series Festival: Best Comedy

– U.K. Web Fest: Best UK Series

– Minnesota Web Fest: Best Dramedy Series

– New Jersey Web Fest: Outstanding Web Series

– Miami Web Fest: Best Actor, Best Score

– Valencia Cinema Jove: Young Jury Best Web Series

– DC Web Fest: Bronze Award

– New Zealand Web Fest: Best Actor

– Pilot Light TV Festival: Best UK Web Series

– South Social Celebrates: Black Culture – Audience Favourite Award

– ROS: Best Series, Best Actor, Best Cinematography

– Screen Nation Digital Awards: Best Web Series

– T.O. Web Fest: Best Director, Best Triple Threat Auteur

– Series Web Awards: Best International Director

– Sicily Web Fest: Best Screenplay

– IAWTV Award: Best Comedy (Nominated)

– London Short Film Festival 2018: Official Selection

– ITV Web Fest 2018: Official Selection

– Bilbao International Digital Fest 2018: Official Selection

– Portland Comedy Film Festival 2018: Official Selection

– Freebird Film Festival 2018: Official Selection

Feature Film

(90 Minutes)

A distant father and son lose the women they love and must learn to reconnect in order to help each other move forwards.

Short Film

(6 mins)

Three cowboys plot to steal the bag of sweets hidden in their parent’s kitchen, but when the loot comes between them, they must decide between greed and loyalty.

– 4F Film Festival 2017: Best Short Film WINNER

– New York Film and TV Festival 2016 FINALIST

– The Shortest Nights Film Festival 2017 SEMI FINALIST

– The Wild Bunch Film Festival 2017: Official Selection

– Dorking Film Festival 2017: Official Selection

– Sunderland Shorts Film Festival 2017: Official Selection

– Hollywood North Film Festival 2017: Official Selection

– Focus International Film Festival 2016: Official Selection

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